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P-Line Title Sponsor for 2021!

28 years ago, in 1993, P-Line took a chance on a young and enthusiastic angler that was just beginning to fish bass tournaments on the West Coast. They treated me like family and in many ways showed me the behind the scenes activities of the fishing business. The manufacturer, distributor, retailer and consumer dance that goes on that so many anglers never see. The Pucci family treated me with respect and kindness and all they asked is that I represent them to the best of my professional ability.

Today, with the 2021 tournament season about to begin I am proud to announce that my partnership with P-Line has taken a large leap forward once again and they will be my title sponsor!

When I began working with P-Line they only had two lines on the market, PF Original and CX Premium, both copolymer lines. Today they have several lines from copolymer to Fluorocarbon to Braid, covering all of an anglers’ needs. I couldn’t be more proud of the continued partnership and look forward to helping them however I can moving forward.

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