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A native of California, the San Francisco Bay Area in particular, Tony’s first exposure to fishing came via his Grandfather, with whom he spent many of his childhood days on the various lakes and estuaries offered in the Bay Area. While attending the weigh-in at a local bass club event, Tony listened carefully to the top team’s explanation of how and why they were successful. Amazed by the attention to detail and procedure they used to garner success, Tony quickly began to understand the connection between preparation, patience and success, and soon began his own personal quest towards becoming a top tournament angler.

Fishing various amateur events with a good measure of success, the turning point for Tony came when he entered his first Pro-Am event and found by doing so, he could increase his knowledge ten-fold. “I never knew how much I didn’t know until I entered one of these events”, Tony recalls. “I was so impressed with the depth of accumulated knowledge each pro had that I knew this was the sport for me”, he added. Soon following, in 1992, Tony began competing as a pro angler in major competitions.

Today, an established and accomplished tournament angler, Tony’s skills have garnered him impressive victories on the western tournament trails, and have made him a much sought after seminar speaker in trade shows, high school and club meetings, and retail events.

Home Town: Livermore, CA
Home Lake: CA Delta
Favorite Lake: Clear Lake
Largest Bass: 13 lbs. 4 ozs.
Largest 5 Fish Limit: 36 lbs. 3 ozs.
Favorite Techniques: Topwater
Primary Fishing Strength: Flippin’/Pitchin’ 

Secondary Fishing Strength: Topwater

Biggest Weakness: Deep Crankin’ 

Boat/Motor: Bass Cat Eyra/Mercury Pro XS 250

Why He Fishes: When I am on the water everything else disappears for a while. I fish tournaments because I love the competition and it forces me to learn.

When I’m Not Fishing: Spending time with my wife and two daughters or Hunting


Tournament Angler, Fishing Seminar Speaker

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